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The Placepot Picks: Thursday

This week we are looking at the Placepot bet every day of the Festival and we will explain how this works in a bit more detail as well as sharing our own placepot picks each day

Thursdays Placepot

Though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea-it is well worth getting involved in the Tote placepot during Festival week with the Tote guaranteeing a pot of at least £1million each day.

The pot’s can be huge, and only need a couple of favourites to fall or not ran their race for it to be well into 4 figures and possibly bigger.

Each day of the Festival we will look to give a guide for those who are keen to get involved with the placepot.

Our Selections

Leg 1: 1 – Appreciate It, 6 – Mighty Potter

Leg 2: 2 – The Bosses Oscar, 18 – Thanksforthehelp

Leg 3: 8 – Janidil, 9 - Shishkin

Leg 4: 11 -Teahupoo

Leg 5: 6 – Fugitif, 12 – So Scottish

Leg 6: 1 – Luccia

You can play too over at and good luck if you want to join the placepot pool


What is a Placepot?

The most popular placepot is through the Tote and they define this as;

  • Tote Placepot is your first bet of the day, a renowned raceday ritual and our most popular bet.

  • To win the Tote Placepot you need to pick a horse to place in the first six races at any UK, Irish or selected International meeting.

  • With an average payout of £407, the Placepot is a great way to win big off small stakes and, at the 2019 Cheltenham Festival, one customer won £182,567.80 from just a £2 bet.

  • You can play the Placepot at from 4pm the day before all UK and Irish meetings and on major international meetings like the Breeders' Cup, Hong Kong International Races and Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe

Why is the Placepot a good bet?

It is not only the payouts that make the Placepot a great bet. If you're looking to enjoy a day of racing, the Placepot can keep you entertained all afternoon. The Placepot provides an interest in the first six races on a card and for a relatively small stake, you can land a share of big Placepot fund dividends.

Winning the Tote Placepot

To win the Placepot you just need to have a horse placed in the first six races at any meeting.

How many places are on offer depends on how many runners are in a race and the same terms apply to the Tote Place pool.

Choosing your horses

With the Placepot, it can pay to take on the favourites. The biggest dividends are won when the most popular horses fail to make the places. Simply picking the favourite will generally lead to a poor payout, the bigger prizes come when the 'pot' is bigger. And as a lot of players will go with the favourites, your slice of the pie if they win will be smaller.

If one of the legs has a particularly large field or it's a difficult race to judge, it's probably worth having more than one selection. Equally, it is often wise to have a couple of favourites on your side, seen as single line "Bankers" in suitable races.

Multiple lines in a Placepot

You can select more than one horse in each race, but this will mean that your total stake will increase. To calculate your total stake, just multiply the number of selections in each leg. For example:

  • Leg 1: 3 selections

  • Leg 2: 2 selections

  • Leg 3: 1 selection

  • Leg 4: 3 selections

  • Leg 5: 2 selections

  • Leg 6: 1 selection

3 x 2 x 1 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 36 lines.

In this example, your stake would be x36. So in this example if you had a 10p unit stake, the total cost of your bet becomes £3.60 (36 x 10p)

Your winnings are then calculated by your winning lines and paid out as a proportion of the winning dividend. So if all your combinations placed, you would have £3.60 x dividend. If just one selection from each leg one then you would have 10p x dividend.

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