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The New Football Blog

For the new season we are going to be bringing you our own regular blog on the football where you’ll be able to read our ramblings around everything going on in the beautiful game

And we start very much on topic with the womens Euros & the success of the Lionesses. To be clear tho, we won’t be jumping on the WSL bandwagon. I watched quite a bit of the tournament & whilst it filled the gap of a summer devoid of football I’m more than happy to see the return of the season with the EFL & the prem kicking off this week.

Back to the England womens team though and it was a great achievement, I always want England teams to do well at whatever level it may be and hopefully they can use this as a catalyst to kick the game on.  It’s progressed a hell of a lot in recent years and it was entertaining to watch but I don’t think comparing it to the mens game is fair or even particularly helpful. There has clearly been plenty of investment already & im sure the success of winning the Euros will help attract more people & ultimately more sponsors (which in turn brings more money).

It is a real shame that despite a great win, people still want to push things like the diversity of the team or the topic again of pay parity. On the diversity, it’s clearly something that needs addressing but players should be picked on merit & not on a ‘quota’ to keep people happy.  The equal pay argument is just a ridiculous one that isn’t even worth trying to discuss with the Twitter trolls & virtue signallers.  Pay in the mens game isn’t even equal as that’s how it works. Ronaldo gets paid a lot more at Utd than the centre forward picks up for banging in 30 goals down in the counties league!  That’s because one plays in front of 70k fans & millions watching on TV across the world, the other plays in front of 1,000 if he’s lucky! Market forces dictate the pay so once the womens game can get even remotely close to that, then maybe pay will start to match their male counterparts.

As a reminder here, the average WSL attendance  is about 2,000 fans so there is a long way to go to reach the dizzying heights and wealth of the English Premier League.

They may get there but the focus should be on improving the womens game, not just trying to copy the mens

And that brings us on to something we will be covering more this season here on The Cheeky Punts, true grassroots football.  Two of our own team are now a part of the management team of our local club, Lostock St Gerards.

Lostock St Gerards Football Club has 8 teams that play at our Wateringpool Lane Ground(aka The Gasworks), in Lostock Hall, Preston, Lancs. The 1st Team play in the West Lancs 1st Division. The Reserves play in the West Lancs Reserve Division 1. We have also got teams at the following levels: Veterans(Over 35’s), Ladies, Under 18’s, U10’s Boys, U12’s Boys, and U12’s Girls.

We’ll have more from the team so we can see how they get on this season for you

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