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The 'Insider Info': 23rd Jul

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

We've been sharing a bit more of our latest 'insider info' on our daily picks page and over on our Twitter account but for those who don't know what this is, allow me to explain.

Our insider info is not from any great source, we dont speak to the owners/jockeys/trainers or anyone else 'in the know' And we are actually no different here to most of the blaggers and bullshitters you will see selling you these kind of tips via the various telegram groups popping up all over

We do have a few trusted groups we are more than happy to recommend who do a proper job researching and providing value tips and we'll look at publishing our trusted tipsters list in the near future and we also have our own for today from our team which you can find here

So what's the trick, well we believe there are 2 conmen, sorry common, tricks we see and we're going to share a few more with you here today

First up, the steamers, also know as the market movers. How many times have you seen a horse 'tipped' at a price then found that price has long gone? Yep, welcome to the steamers train. A lot of so called tipster simply follow the money and whilst some of these have probably come from what we in the betting industry refer to as a 'warm source' they are easy to spot with a bit of work. Let's have a look at a few today using B365 as our 'source'

First up The Parent in the opener at Newmarket. Its 2nd fav but has come in from 9/4 to 15/8 whist the rest of the market has drifted so there is clearly money coming for this Hannon 2YO, and its often telling that its the newcomers where we see these moves.

If we look to York in the 4.10pm we see another 2YO coming for support in Mascapone who is in from 10/1 to 13/2 against a short priced fav so looks to have a bit of backing and will no doubt be tipped up as an each way play in a nice, small 5 runner race

Another favourite of the so called experts is their 'Irish' sources. Now the Irish love a punt and following the money in these races can be very profitable as big gambles are a bit more common than in the UK so the 'info' pick here is Mads Black Eights in the 5.10pm, a big mover in from 10s to 5/1, another solid each way this time with 5 places on offer in a big field race

The next top trick we see a lot of is the 'sure thing' and my arch enemy, the short priced fav backers. You know its been a favourites day when you see the booms coming out on Twitter as these boys love tipping up the shorties so lets have a look at where we think some of the money will be going today.

Absolutely zero thought has gone in to these 4 other than they are short priced favs in weak looking markets but no doubt a few will be telling you these are the good things they have heard from their contacts or that they have spent hours studying. Saturday also usually means more competitive racing so you can get some bigger priced favs too and bump up that fantasy P&L!

We aren't knocking those genuine tipsters out there but we can't and won't support the blaggers who are essentially using your subscription money to pay for their own habit. So if you are looking for help and advice for your selections, we'll be here providing our FREE service on our site, plus you can follow us for more on our Twitter account @TheCheekyPunts

We'll also have our new updated list of trusted tipsters coming out in future so if you want to recommend someone, or even recommend yourself, and you can prove your credentials then get in touch with us here at

Remember, gambling should be fun and done responsibly, it's not a get rich quick scheme and as the old saying goes "if is looks to good to be true, it probably is"

Well worth remembering when you see these online conmen claiming to be racing geniuses


Want to have a daily platform to post your tips? Then why not come and join us as a daily racing tipster (Monday to Friday). We also have regular guest tipsters if you wanted to join us without the full time commitment and spots are usually open for a Saturday on both the football and the racing

Our fully developed site is ready to go so there is no setup from you required, you will simply become a member of our team as a contributor and have a daily post which you will be able to update with your own daily punts which will then be visible for everyone to see online.

Our site is 100% free with no sign up required so to view your tips, people will simply need to go to our website. We will also create a custom link for you which you can then share on your own social media channels

Why are we doing this I hear you ask, the answer is actually a simple one. We have a fully functioning website but little content through the week. This means the weekly traffic is very low but it costs us the same regardless. We do also benefit, to be totally open & transparent, as this will help drive more traffic to the site for when we do all our weekend features too (which you would also be invited to join)

So if this sounds of interest & you’d like to become part of The Cheeky Punts team, helping us grow and offer the best free site around, the drop us a line via our social media channels or you contact us via email on


Phil & The Cheeky Punts Team

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