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All aboard the Money Train (again)

Updated: May 1, 2022

Last weekend we fell agonisingly close as we got to the final leg on the £10 to £100 challenge with Barcelona letting us down losing at home (priced at 1/4!). We did manage to take a small profit out but we will go again this weekend.

For those who didn't follow last week we will go 2 bets on Friday night, 2 again on Saturday and then 2 again on Sunday with the aim of turning £10 in to £100. Bets will be posted here on the day so you can follow it all and jump on the money train with us here on The Cheeky Punts

Bet 3 Bank Holiday Monday

We’ve withdrawn our initial £10 stake again as we look to complete the £100 money train on Bank Holiday Monday with Wrexham in the National League & Atalanta in Italy and we’ve gone for goals in both with over 2.5 needed now to land us our £100 profit

Can the money train make it home for us this weekend after falling at the last hurdle last weekend. Jump on board & let’s see if we can do it this time

Bet 2 Sunday WINNER

We are on to bet 2 aa we look to line up the final push for day 3 on the bank holiday Monday. And taking us there we have Inter who are still challenging at the top of the table so will be up for this one today. And over in France we are going for over 1.5 in the Lorient game, this could be a bit tighter but im hoping there will be plenty of goals in this

Bet 1.1 Saturday WINNER

The Spanish game let us down again last night so we’ve gone for a reload today to try to get the train back on track and start a new run but end on Bank Holiday Monday. As a note, Sunderland is a 12.30pm kick off today so get on early

Bet 1 - Friday (LOST)

We kick off the latest money train with Sevilla in La Liga who are at home to Cadiz. The home side will be looking to all but seal a champions league spot so they still have plenty of motivation for this one whilst Cadiz are just hovering above the drop zone. The home side should be too strong here tho so can help us get off to a solid start. The second half of bet 1 is back with our old favourites over in Turkey. Fenerbahce top probably can’t catch the league leaders but they are usually pretty strong at home and they are also the leagues top scorers. This should have goals in it and I expect the home side to win so the 10/11 will help get us a nice pot to take on to bet 2 tomorrow

Good luck and all aboard the money train!!

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