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The Cheeky Punts Last Man Standing – Horse Racing Edition

  • All entries must be submitted by 12pm Saturday 

  • Entries should be submitted via The Cheeky Punts submission form which will be available on the website and social media channels  

  • Horse changes are permitted but your final selection will be the only selection to count 

  • In the event a Non Runner is selected, and no replacement is provided, you will be automatically given the favourite in the 1st race of the ITV7 racecard 

  • If No selection is received, you will be automatically given the 2nd favourite in the 2nd race of the ITV7 racecard  

  • If your selection is withdrawn under orders or refuses to race, the selection will be deemed Void and you will progress to the next week 


  • The Jackpot can not be won on a substituted or void selection.  In the event a winner is declared based on this, all the final players will be reinstated for the following week  


  • To progress each week your selection must win and will be settled according to the official Racing Post results  

  • If your horse does not win, you are eliminated 

  • Only a single winner can be declared, in the event of no single winner a rollover will be declared and all players will have the option to re-enter for the £5 entry fee.  All funds will automatically be carried forward to the new game week until won 

  • Any players caught cheating or not acting in the spirit of the game may be removed at the discretion of The Cheeky Punts admin team.   

The decision of The Cheeky Punts admin team is Final  

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